Internships offer students real work experience and insight into the daily workings of journalism (print/online/broadcast), advertising, public relations, social media and other media-related careers. Credit for JAMS internships is not guaranteed to any student who applies. They are awarded to students who maintain excellence in academic performance, demonstrate the ability to meet deadlines, and show that they are serious about a career in the field. On-campus and off-campus JAMS interns represent the department to the professional community, and the JAMS internship committee maintains strict approval guidelines for the department’s for-credit program. We strongly recommend that you obtain internships before graduating.

Applications are due one week prior to the start of each semester or the first summer session, but they can be submitted earlier than that. Do not wait; apply today. If you do not find an internship, there is no penalty. We will simply preapprove you for the credits. If you do find an internship and have not applied for credit, however, you will not be able to participate in JAMS internship credit. We do not find you the internship; we provide you credit for an internship you obtain. However, Internship Coordinator Joette Rockow can help you obtain an internship. We also post opportunities on the JAMS Internships Facebook Page.

How this works: Once you obtain an internship and have been approved for credit, you will receive permission to register for the credits, if we’ve approved you. This must be done following typical university add/drop deadlines for each semester and the first summer session. Interns must work on average 10 hours per week at the internship site for 3 credits. Student interns receive midterm and final evaluations from their internship site supervisor and complete other assignments via Desire 2 Learn (journal entries, discussion boards, etc.)

To apply online, you must email the following to

  1. A one-to-two page double-spaced essay in which you explain why you would make a good intern; why you want an internship; which sort of internship you are seeking; a sense of your career goals; and any other information you want us to know about why you would be a good representative of the JAMS Department.
  2. A transcript. This must contain a current GPA.
  3. A resume. This resume should showcase any media-related experience you have, including campus media involvement or campus student media club involvement.

JAMS Majors

To qualify for the on- or off-campus internships where the credits go towards the JAMS major, students must demonstrate excellence in their studies and have taken the relevant coursework:

  • Students interested in course JAMS 399 (on-campus internship) may submit their applications while enrolled in or after completing the first required course in their concentration (204, 207, 262). However, students must have completed the first required course in their concentration before they can register for the credits.
  • Students interested in course JAMS 600 (off-campus internship) may submit their applications while enrolled in or after completing the second required course in their concentration (307, 320, 332, 342, 500, 524, 544, 562). However, students must have completed the second required course in their concentration before they can register for the credits.
  • Students may take up to 6 credits of JAMS 600 and JAMS 399 in any combination (for example, taking 600 twice, taking 399 twice, or taking each once).
  • On a case-by-case basis, we sometimes grant JAMS 489 (off-campus) and JAMS 289 (on-campus) internship credit to students who have no yet completed the above classes or who have exhausted the number of 399 and 600 credits they can take. Apply same way. However, this is technically Letters and Science internship credit, so it does not count toward JAMS requirements for graduation, and it’s pass/fail internship credit.
  • Some media companies may not require credit. If they do not require it, it is up to you whether you want to try to obtain credit for the internship.

All JAMS intern applicants must meet these requirements:

  • Have an overall GPA of 2.7.
  • Submit a complete and comprehensive reasons statement explaining why they will be a strong representative of the JAMS department.
  • Submit a resume.
  • Submit an unofficial transcript with current GPA listed.

All JAMS internship sites must comply with department standards:

  • The intern must work a minimum of 10 hours per week (from the first day of class to the last) during the fall or spring semester—or about 12 hours per week during the summer (for a total of approximately 150 hours during the summer) —at an established media organization.
  • An established full-time media professional must supervise the intern. Thus, campus media supervised by other students cannot receive JAMS internship credit.
  • The supervisor must provide an evaluation of the intern at mid-term and at the end-of-term.

The department’s internship committee reviews all internship sites and student applications. The JAMS internship committee and coordinator process applications for JAMS internship credit.

Once the committee/ coordinator determines the roster of approved intern candidates, the internship coordinator notifies each student via e-mail. The coordinator provides approved applicants with directions on how to apply for an internship and the next steps on earning credit.

Minors and Students Seeking Further Experience

JAMS minors and students who have already completed JAMS 399/600 are eligible for JAMS 489. On a case by case basis, some students may be granted JAMS 489 credit before they have completed 399/600. Contact the JAMS Internship Coordinator if you have additional questions.

Please read the JAMS Internships FAQ before contacting the JAMS Internship Coordinator, Joette Rockow (