Course Repeat Policy

Spring & Summer 2024 appeals are due by the end of business (5PM) on Friday, August 30, 2024.

The Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies program follows the repeat policies of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and the College of Letters & Science. The College’s policy reads as follows:

“Repeats of any L&S courses beyond one repeat (the second take of a course) require approval of the academic department offering the course.”

In JAMS, the Undergraduate Committee has the authority to give such permission to take a course for a third time. Any student who wishes to seek permission to take a course for a third time must submit the following to the Undergraduate Committee:

  1. A letter of appeal. The letter should clearly state the exceptional circumstances that prevented the student from performing well enough in the course during previous attempts.
  2. An unofficial UWM transcript (How To: Request Unofficial Transcript).

In making its decision, the Undergraduate Committee will take into account the student’s explanation of exceptional circumstances as well as the student’s academic history.

One copy of the letter and transcript must be submitted by the deadline listed at the top of this page to allow time for the Undergraduate Committee to consider your appeal. Appeals should be emailed the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Camila Guarda Velasco ( The JAMS Undergraduate Committee will contact you if anything else is needed.