For a JAMS major, students must complete the following:

  • 36 total JAMS credits (18 credits at 300-level or above)
    • JAMS 101: Introduction to Mass Media
    • JAMS 201: Media Writing
    • 6-9 credits of Additional Any-Level JAMS Electives
    • One of three concentrations:
    • 3-6 credits of Additional Upper Level JAMS Electives
    • JAMS 559: Freedom of Expression in the Digital Age
    • A 600-level JAMS course with “Seminar” in the title
  • 12 total credits of an Outside Specialty (6 credits at 300-level or above)


Current requirements effective Fall 2018+.

For Fall 2016-Summer 2018, please click here.

For Fall 2008-Summer 2016, please click here.

For pre-2008 requirements, please see your PAWS account, the L&S advising office, or the JAMS office.