April 21, 2014 – PantherVision

As a new Interim Chancellor is about to be named, we talk to the president of the UW System about how the university might attract a major league replacement for Michael Lovell. Also, election results for the Student Association are in, and we’ll interview the new president live. And the UWM men’s basketball team is hit with NCAA sanctions and will be banned from post-season play in 2015. All that, plus a look at whether you can e-smoke in class, in this edition of UWM PantherVision.

Anchors: Maria Corpus & Andrea Romero
Executive Producer: Kevan Gruenke
Director: Andrew Suggitt

April 7, 2014 – PantherVision

The Badgers come within 6 seconds of the national championship game, and fans take their frustrations to State Street. We’ll show you what happened. Also, the latest on the search for a new Chancellor, and we’ll take you to Northern Illinois University to look at their active shooter preparedness, six years after a tragic mass shooting. All that and more in this edition of UWM PantherVision.

Anchors: Danielle Stobb & Claire Chartrand
Executive Producer: Jenna McGlin
Director: Josh Nylen