October 27, 2014 – PantherVision

As the UW System takes steps to prevent the spread of Ebola, we’ll tell you why you might want to be more concerned about the flu. Also, there may be a turf war on the horizon, and we’ll introduce you to a high-flying trampoline acrobat who’s making a splash. That and more in this week’s edition of UWM PantherVision.

Anchors: Andrew McCann & Amanda Porter
Executive Producer: Maria Corpus
Director: Amanda Roslansky

October 20, 2014 – PantherVision

Tense moments as MATC goes on lockdown, but it appears instructors and students knew exactly what to do. We’ll look at how lockdown drills may have helped, and tell you why UWM has decided not to conduct drills. We’ll also have the latest on the TKE fraternity suspension and the felony charges its president faces, and give you an inside tour of the new Kenwood Research Center. All that, plus a trip to New York to see UWM PantherVision make national history, on our first newscast of the semester.

Anchors: Cole Stevenson & Emily Topczewski
Executive Producer: Joshua March
Director: Shiloh DeBauch