Antivirus Software

UWM recommends following safe computing practices, running antivirus software AND have up-to-date virus definition files to protect yourself against the latest threats. We encourage installing antivirus programs on all of your personally-owned internet connected devices.

Below are some suggested antivirus applications. Please note that you should only run one antivirus program at a time.While there are many options, deciding which application to run is ultimately up to you, however, we are happy to help if you have questions or concerns.

Suggestions for Windows Operating Systems:

The Best Antivirus Protection

The Best Free Antivirus Protection

Microsoft Security Essentials
(For Win7 and Older PC’s newer versions include Windows Defender by default)
UWM’s Help Desk will be able to offer some support if you are using Microsoft Security Essentials.

Suggestions for Macintosh Operating Systems:

Best Antivirus Software for Mac

Best Mac antivirus: Do I need antivirus for Mac?

Suggestions for Mobile Devices:

There are a variety of applications available for both Android and Apple devices that can easily be found in their respective App Stores. We recommend installing a security app of your choosing as they are also helpful finding lost or stolen devices.

If you require further assistance, or to report any security related issues, please contact the UWM Help Desk at 414-229-4040 or submit an online help request here

**These downloads are not configured for University-owned computers.**
For assistance with UWM owned devices, please contact your local IT Support Staff or the UWM Information Security Office at 414-229-1100 or for assistance.