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  1. Review the list of courses below and make note of the date and time of the course.
  2. Before joining the course, watch the UWM IT YouTube video: Introduction to Teams Live Events (approx 3 mins) to learn how to turn on captions and ask questions during the course.
  3. On the day of the course, use the link in the listing below to join the event via Microsoft Teams.
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Online Course Offerings

File Storage & Sharing: OneDrive, Teams & SharePoint

Formerly What to Use When: OneDrive, Teams & SharePoint.

OneDrive, Teams & SharePoint; where should you store your files? In this session:

  • Learn when to use OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint
  • See how the three tools are meant to work together
  • Take a brief tour of each tool
  • Learn similarities and differences

No courses scheduled, view the course recording

Teams Calls

Teams Calling is here! Learn to use the features of Teams Calls including:

  • Devices and setup
  • Answering a phone call
  • Dial a number
  • Use 1-click dialing
  • In-call features
  • Voicemail
  • Configuring Teams Calls settings

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Teams Calls: Shared Phone Numbers

Formerly Teams Calls for Administrative Assistants.

Learn to manage a phone for another person or manage a departmental or shared phone, topics include:

  • Teams basics
  • Delegation-setup and configuration
  • Call answering rules-setup and configuration
  • Settings for a shared phone number
  • Checking voicemail for a shared phone number
  • Ringtones
  • In-call features

Wednesday, May 12, 10-11 am, no registration necessary, click to join

Working Remotely with Teams

Join us for a look at the features in Microsoft Teams that you can use to work remotely. Topics covered include:

  • What is Teams
  • Teams apps
  • Create a Team
  • Chat with your Team
  • Share files with your Team
  • Meet virtually with your Team

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