Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

What are the details of the Pay Plan?

How do I change my name, address, telephone number, gender, or emergency contact information?

What is the Portal? Why would I use it?

The UWM Portal, also known as the MyUWM Portal, or the Self-Service Portal, is a website that allows you to:

  • Read HR, Payroll, and Benefits News
  • Access E-Benefits
  • Report Time Worked
  • Report Absences Taken
  • Access Earnings and Tax Statements
  • Update Personal Contact Information
  • View UW System Career Opportunities



Benefits Questions

I just turned 65. How does this affect my benefits?


  • Turning age 65 does not affect your benefits. There is no reduction in your health premium nor is this a qualifying event to add or cancel benefits.
  • You are not required to enroll in Medicare, Part A or B if you and/or your spouse are covered under a group policy through active employment.


What if I missed the open enrollment deadline and I still need benefits for next year?


  • You will need to submit an appeal. Please see UW System’s Annual Benefit Enrollment Appeals document for instructions on how to submit an appeal. It can take up to 1 month to hear if the appeal was approved. This notification will come via email.
  • For additional questions please reach out to the benefits contact listed on the Client Group Assignments webpage.


How do I add a baby / spouse / domestic partner to my insurance?

Payroll Questions

How much leave can be carried to the next year?



How do I see my earnings statement or tax documents?

How do I know or change the number of allowances for federal / state tax withholding?


  • The current number of allowances for federal & state tax withholding is shown in the tax data box (top right) of your earnings statement.
  • Submit a new W-4 form to change the number of allowances for federal and/or state tax withholding.


Employment Questions

What positions are open at UWM and how do I apply?


  • All available openings at UW-Milwaukee, and instructions for submitting applications, can be found at:

    (custodial positions are found under “Staff”)

  • Available openings at other UW System campuses: Careers at UW.
  • Available openings for other state-wide positions:


How do I apply for public service loan forgiveness?


U.S. Department of Education Federal Student Aid Office

U.S. Department of Education Federal Student Aid Office

UW-Shared Services


How do I get a letter verifying my employment or income?


Verification of employment, or income, is not handled by the UWM Department of Human Resources, it is handled by UW-Shared Services. Please visit their webpage for instructions on how to obtain verification.


Please also see the Job Applicant FAQ

HRS Access Questions

How can I obtain access to HRS?


  • For HRS view-only roles, submit a request to
  • For Time/Labor Approvers and/or Payroll Coordinators access is assigned via the Time/Labor Security functionality directly within HRS by divisional staff. Please contact the appropriate Human Resources Business Partner for further assistance.


How do I access HRS?



Why can I no longer access HRS?


  • Individual job or position changes (transfer/promotion/termination) will trigger automatic revocation of access within HRS. HRS roles/access will need to be re-provisioned. Send an e-mail to for further assistance.
  • All core HRS users are required to complete the HRS Security Awareness Course within 60 days of being granted HRS access, as well as on an annual basis. HRS/EPM access, including Employee Self-Service, will be locked for users who do not complete the course/quiz within this specified time period. Once confirmation is received that this security requirement has been met, the UW Service Center will be contacted to unlock access. Send an e-mail to for further assistance.


International Staff and Students Questions

Please see the International Staff and Students FAQ

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