Benefits Questions

I just turned 65. How does this affect my benefits?

  • Turning age 65 does not affect your benefits. There is no reduction in your health premium nor is this a qualifying event to add or cancel benefits.
  • You are not required to enroll in Medicare, Part A or B if you and/or your spouse are covered under a group policy through active employment.

What if I missed the open enrollment deadline and I still need benefits for next year?

  • You will need to submit an appeal. Please see UW System’s Annual Benefit Enrollment Appeals document for instructions on how to submit an appeal. It can take up to 1 month to hear if the appeal was approved. This notification will come via email.
  • For additional questions please reach out to the benefits contact listed on the Client Group Assignments webpage.

How do I add a baby / spouse / domestic partner to my insurance?

What is a qualifying life event and the deadline to make insurance changes?

How long will my insurance last?

Where is the Worker's Compensation paperwork?

I didn't get my insurance or prescription card, or I need to replace my insurance / prescription card.

  • Health or Dental: Contact the appropriate provider as given in the It’s Your Choice Decision Guide which can be found at Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds.
  • VSP Vision: No card is issued. Identify yourself as a University of Wisconsin employee and provide your employee ID number (8 digit number beginning with 2 or 3 zeroes, found at the top center of your earnings statement).
  • Navitus (pharmacy)

    Phone: (866) 333-2757


Where do I get information on my retirement (WRS) funds?

How do I reach the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

I'm an employee and currently enrolled in a state group health plan. Do I have to enroll in Medicare if I don't qualify for automatic enrollment?

  • You would not want to enroll in Medicare Part B until right before you retire. Consult your Benefits Specialist at that time. There is a monthly fee for Medicare Part B, and it would be considered secondary coverage to your employee health plan.
  • If you are in a regular health plan, you may wish to enroll in Medicare Part A. Medicare Part A is at no cost, and though considered secondary coverage to your employee health plan, it may add coverage in instances of hospitalization or rehabilitation.
  • If you wish to remain enrolled in a High Deductible Health Plan, no. If you enroll in Medicare Part A, you will no longer be eligible to participate in the high deductible plan–the state will require you to attest that you have not enrolled, or it will switch you to your High Deductible Health Plan’s regular counterpart.

Where do I find information about attending a benefits review?

Where do I find information about the benefits enrollment process and my benefits package?

What are the health insurance requirements for international staff or students?

How do I enroll in benefits online?

Why can't I find my online benefits enrollment link?

  • If you are a new employee to the UW System, it is possible your job record is still in process of being entered in the employment system. If you do not see the enrollment link within 3 weeks of your date of hire, submit paper enrollment forms to the Benefits office, so you do not miss your deadline to enroll within 30 days.
  • If you are newly benefits-eligible, but not a new employee to the UW System, you will not receive an online benefits enrollment link. Instead, submit paper enrollment forms to the Benefits office, so you do not miss your deadline to enroll within 30 days of becoming eligible.

How do I access my Health Savings Account (HSA) online?

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