HRS Access Questions

How can I obtain access to HRS?

  • For HRS view-only roles, submit a request to
  • For Time/Labor Approvers and/or Payroll Coordinators access is assigned via the Time/Labor Security functionality directly within HRS by divisional staff. Please contact the appropriate Human Resources Business Partner for further assistance.

How do I access HRS?

  • For core HRS users the system can be accessed directly via the following URL:
  • HRS Employee and Manager Self-Service can be accessed via the portal:

Why can I no longer access HRS?

  • Individual job or position changes (transfer/promotion/termination) will trigger automatic revocation of access within HRS. HRS roles/access will need to be re-provisioned. Send an e-mail to for further assistance.
  • All core HRS users are required to complete the HRS Security Awareness Course within 60 days of being granted HRS access, as well as on an annual basis. HRS/EPM access, including Employee Self-Service, will be locked for users who do not complete the course/quiz within this specified time period. Once confirmation is received that this security requirement has been met, the UW Service Center will be contacted to unlock access. Send an e-mail to for further assistance.

My One Time Password (OTP) device (fob/smart phone) is no longer working. What do I do?

  • The MFA bypass/temporary password function has been eliminated. If your MFA phone app/fob are unavailable or no longer work, please contact the UWM Help Desk for assistance.

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