Employment Questions

What positions are open at UWM and how do I apply?

  • All available openings at UW-Milwaukee, and instructions for submitting applications, can be found at: jobs.uwm.edu.

    (custodial positions are found under “Staff”)

    Please also see our Job Applicant FAQ

  • Available openings at other UW System campuses: Careers at UW.
  • Available openings for other state-wide positions: www.wisc.jobs.

How do I apply for public service loan forgiveness?

How do I get a letter verifying my employment or income?

  • Verification of employment, or income, is not handled by the UWM Department of Human Resources, it is handled by the UW Service Center. Please visit their webpage for instructions on how to obtain verification.

How do I submit a complaint or grievance?


  • The Ombuds Council consists of trained volunteers who provide impartial and confidential conflict resolution services to UWM employees who are aggrieved or concerned about an issue.


How do I find out about on-campus jobs for students?

How do I get a letter verifying my enrollment or degree status?

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