Complaints and Grievances

UWM has a number of processes to address grievances, appeals, and complaints.

Here are the processes that students most commonly utilize. If you do not see a process, contact the department directly to inquire more about their process. You can also contact the Dean of Students Office to point you in the right direction.

Academic Disputes: Academic departments hear complaints, grievances, and appeals related to academic matters. This may include adding, dropping, and withdrawing from courses as well as grade appeals and complaints about courses. Procedures for these issues are set by the School or College, unless they involve allegations of academic dishonesty outlined in UWS Chapter 14.

If you have a concern within your academic department contact the person from the appropriate School or College.  Please click here for a complete contact list.

Harrassment, hate or bias concerns
Office of Equity and Diversity Services
, 414-229-5923, or fill out a report.

Concerns/issues involving another student
The Dean of Students Office, 414-229-4632. Report violence, harassment, threats, theft, drug or alcohol usage and other heath and safety concerns to Report It.

Residence Hall concerns
University Housing, 414-229-4065. Appeals related to housing contracts or other matters in the Residence Halls.

Parking Tickets
Transportation Services, 414-229-4000 or file an appeal.

Issues with an on-campus job
Student Employment Grievance Process on Page 18 of the employee manual. First discuss the problem with your supervisor. If not satisfied, talk to his or her supervisor.  If still dissatisfied with the results, you can file an appeal in the Dean of Students Office.

Tuition and Fee Appeals – The Tuition and Fee Appeal process is for students who believe their tuition charges are incorrect due to university error or for students who have dropped their courses due to extenuating circumstance.

UWM Anonymous Hotline
Anonymous way to report any instances of fraud, waste, and abuse you might encounter in your studies or while at work.

You can contact the Dean of Students Office at any time. We provide assistance by listening to your concerns and connecting you to the appropriate resources and processes to ensure that you receive a fair and equitable consideration.