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Do I have to file my taxes?

When do I file my taxes?

How do I file my taxes?

I changed from a nonresident alien to a resident alien in the same year. How should I file my taxes?

Will you help me with filing my tax returns?

  • No. University of Wisconsin employees cannot provide personal, legal, or tax advice. Contact the IRS, your accountant, or a tax attorney for assistance.

Why am I suddenly being taxed FICA (Social Security and Medicare)?

  • Resident aliens that are not students lose the FICA exemption afforded to them as nonresidents. FICA taxes will begin January 1st of the same year an international becomes a resident alien.
  • Resident aliens that are also students lose the FICA exemption as indicated above as well as the student exemption if they are working in a non-student positon. See UW System Student FICA Exemptions policy, part B.

I have had FICA taken when I am a student or am a nonresident alien. How do I get these taxes refunded?

  • Email with your name, employee ID (8-digit number starting with two zeros – 00######, can be found on your earning statements) and indicate which check is being taxed FICA.
  • If FICA is being taxed incorrectly, the service center will issue a refund. Refunds may either be an adjustment on the next on-cycle check or a physical check mailed to the HR office.
  • The length of time it takes to process a FICA refund is dependent on the service center and may vary between instances.

I have Federal and State taxes taken from my paycheck when I should have treaty. How do I get these taxes refunded?

  • All taxes taken that should be covered under treaty can be claimed and refunded when that year’s tax return is filed.
  • If leaving the U.S., and not returning within a full calendar year, please contact your international administrator.

I am now a resident alien. How do I change my tax filing status and number of allowances from Single, 1?

  • Submit a new W-4 to the HR office with the words “Resident Alien” written on the top or bottom of the form. This will help ensure your changes are correctly entered into our system.


What is GLACIER?

  • GLACIER is an online tax compliance system designed to allow institutions to efficiently and effectively collect information, make tax residency and income tax treaty determinations, manage paperwork, maintain data, and file reporting statements with the IRS.

Do I need a GLACIER account?

  • If you are working for or are receiving a scholarship from UWM, then you need a GLACIER account.

How do I get a GLACIER account?

  • Complete the international visitors section of the W-4 form and submit to the HR office. GLACIER generates accounts when the Country of Citizenship, date of entry, and visa type are entered into the Human Resource System.
  • Two emails will be sent to your UWM email from the below addresses. Check your junk mail folder.

When do I need to update my GLACIER account?

The following are general reasons to update your GLACIER account. Reasons may vary outside the list below:

  • Receiving an SSN or ITIN
  • Change in expiration or departure date
  • Change in contact information
  • Accepting/renewing treaty
  • Adding a relationship type (employee, scholar, fellow, etc.)
  • Change in visa type

When do I need to turn in a new GLACIER packet?

  • When I receive my SSN or ITIN
  • When a change in visa status occurs
  • When major changes occur to an expected program or departure date

    I-20, DS-2019, I-797 – Expiration/program end date updated

    Date of departure is extended or shortened

  • During treaty renewal for the next calendar year
  • Any other changes outside basic information (addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.)

I have a hold on my GLACIER account. What does it mean?

  • Hold 1: The SSN or ITIN is missing

    Once it is received, you should add it to your GLACIER account and a new packet should be submitted to HR.

    Scholarships cannot be paid without a tax identification number or confirmation of application.

  • Hold 2: Country or Tax Residence differs from Country of Residence or Citizenship

    Treaty cannot be granted.

  • Hold 3: Immigration status has changed during the current visit to the U.S.

    Treaty cannot be granted. Internationals must leave the U.S. and remain out of the country for a full calendar year, or greater, between VISA changes to qualify for any potential treaty.

  • Hold 4: Immigration status is not sponsored by the client institution

    Unless on OPT, an international with an immigration status not sponsored by UW System may not work at or receive income from UWM.

There are changes to my GLACIER account that I did not make. Should I remove them?

  • No. Any changes were most likely done by a responsible administrator. Review any changes made and inquire with your international administrator before removing any new or different information.
  • It is important to show all types of income you are receiving from UW System (wages, fellowship, scholarship, etc.) and administrators may add any missing income types on your behalf. These type of additions are for a reason and should not be removed without your administrator’s approval.

I’m not currently in the country/state. May I submit my GLACIER packet to my responsible administrator by email?

  • No. Email is not a secured method of transmitting the sensitive information GLACIER packets contain. Unless instructed by your responsible international administrator, do not email GLACIER packets.


Do I qualify for treaty?

  • Complete your GLACIER account to determine if you qualify for treaty.

How do I claim treaty?

  • Treaty is granted up front to internationals by the UW System as an incentive to attend school or work at one of its universities but is not mandatory. Any treaty not claimed during the calendar year may be claimed when tax returns for that year are submitted by the individual to the Federal and State governments.
  • To claim treaty up front during the calendar year, accept any treaty offered in your GLACIER account and then print and sign the GLACIER packet that includes your official treaty forms. Submit the packet and any required documents to the Central HR office.

When will my treaty take affect?

  • Treaty, if applicable, should be applied to the first paycheck after it is checked into the Human Resource System, the system that generates payment. Treaty application may be delayed during peak HR processing seasons.

I have both an employee position and a fellowship or scholarship. Does that impact my treaty status?

  • Depending on your residency status and country, you may qualify for multiple types of treaty. Complete GLACIER to determine your treaty status for both positions.
  • If you qualify for treaty on only one type of positon, treaty cannot be applied by UWM. Treaty mismatch between different types of income can cause incorrect taxation by the payroll system. However, treaty may still be claimed by the foreign national when the tax return is completed and submitted to the Federal and State Governments.

What if my treaty is not applied to my checks?

  • There could be several reasons why treaty is not being applied. Check with your international administrator as to why.
  • All treaty can be claimed when the Federal and State tax returns are completed.

Nonresident/Resident Alien Scholarships

I am a nonresident or resident alien and receiving an award or scholarship from UWM. What do I need to do?

I also have or have had a job at UWM in the current calendar year

  • Update GLACIER to indicate:

    Both an employee and scholar relationship with UWM.

    Receiving both wages and a scholarship from UWM.

  • Print and sign a new GLACIER packet that shows the changes made.
  • Submit to Central HR.

I am only receiving the scholarship/award and have not had a job at UWM in the current calendar year

  • Apply for an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) if needed.
  • Confirmation is required from UW System to pay out any award or scholarship and will normally take up to 10 business days to receive. Heavy processing periods will increase that timeframe at UW System level.
  • After confirmation, the ITIN should be received 4-6 months from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  • Complete your GLACIER account.
  • Print, sign, and submit the GLACIER packet to the central HR office.
  • Update GLACIER with ITIN when it is received and provide new packet to HR.

I am a permanent resident and receiving an award or scholarship from UWM. What do I need to do?

  • Permanent residents (PRs) are paid their scholarships through the student PAWS system and not HRS payroll.
  • Notify your department of your PR status so the payment can be processed through the correct system.

When will my scholarship/award be paid?

  • Scholarships are paid on the first of the month and are directly deposited into a U.S. banking account after all paperwork is received and processed by HR. Heavy processing periods will increase that timeframe.

I have a reminder on my PAWS account stating I need to complete GLACIER but my account is up to date. What is wrong?

  • The hold is a reminder to internationals receiving scholarships to submit GLACIER if needed and does not impact registration or transcript requests.
  • The hold must be manually removed by Central HR and may take a while due to various processing constraints.
  • If a scholarship has been paid already for the current academic year, then the message may be ignored. It will be removed at the soonest available time frame.
  • Once removed, it may take a day or so for the message to drop off of the PAWS account.
  • The 2016 To Do list will not disappear from PAWS. It is a system issue and can be ignored.

When should I remove my scholarship relationship from GLACIER?

  • The scholarship relationship should only be removed if you will not be receiving any type of scholarship or award for the calendar year (January thru December) and have no expectation of receiving any during the next year.
  • If you have received any type of scholarship or award this year and expect to receive one or more next year, you must leave the scholarship relationship in your GLACIER account.

Why do I have Federal taxes on my scholarship?

  • All scholarships paid through HRS are considered non-qualifying and are taxed at a 14% rate unless there is a tax treaty for this type of income.


What resources are there on campus for foreign nationals?

I am a new international employee. What forms do I need to complete and submit?

Do I need a social security (SSN) or identification number (ITIN)?

  • If working or receiving income from the UW System, an SSN or ITIN is required for tax purposes.

How do I apply for a SSN?

How do I apply for an ITIN?

Am I a nonresident or resident alien?

  • Complete your GLACIER account to determine your residency status.
  • Residency depends on an internationals visa type and the length of time in the U.S. The below breakdown shows the general transition between nonresident to resident alien based on the most common visa types. This is a general breakdown so residency may differ from what is indicated below.
Visa Type Nonresident Alien Resident Alien
F1 1-5 years in country 6+ years in country
J1 1-2 years in country 3+ years in country

What is the difference between a nonresident alien and resident alien?

  • Nonresident aliens are internationals that are neither a U.S. citizen nor a resident for tax purposes. Nonresidents are taxed differently than residents and U.S. citizens.
  • A resident alien has passed the substantial presence test and is considered a U.S. resident for tax purposes.

What is the difference between a resident alien and a permanent resident?

  • A resident alien has passed the substantial presence test for the calendar year and but has not been granted lawful permanent residency status by the U.S. government. They retain their visa status (F1, J1…).
  • A permanent resident has passed the green card test and has been given lawful permanent residency status by the U.S. Government. Lawful permanent residents are legally accorded the privilege of residing permanently in the U.S. They move from their current visa status (F1, J1…) to PR.

I was a resident alien and have now become a permanent resident and have since received my green card. What do I need to do?

  • Change your visa status in your GLACIER account to permanent resident (PR). This will terminate your GLACIER account.
  • Provide a copy of your Permanent Residency card to the HR office.
  • Update your W4 if marital status or number of allowances should be changed.

May I continue to work if my work authorization has expired?

No, under no circumstances may you continue to work unless you submit a proof of extension or an application for an extension to the human resources department located in Engelmann 125. An application for an extension of the Employment Authorization Card is not acceptable. Also, if you are changing your visa type, you may not work in the interval between the expiration of the prior visa type and the receipt of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) approval for the visa type.

The following documents require re-verification upon expiration:

  • I-20 (F-1 visa)
  • IAP-66 (J-1 visa)
  • I-797 (H-1B visa)
  • I-94 Card showing TN (Trade-Nafta), Canada, or Mexico only
  • INS stamp “In process for I-551”
  • “Conditional” Resident Alien Cards (valid only for 2 years from issue)
  • Update your GLACIER account and bring your new document(s) to the human resources as soon as you receive it to ensure your pay is not interrupted.

I am leaving UWM and/or the Country. What do I need to do?

  • Keep your bank account open until your final paycheck has been deposited. UW System cannot deposit or transfer funds into international bank accounts. A United States bank account is required for timely payment.
  • Update your UWM Portal with your new U.S. or international address and contact information.
  • Update GLACIER to show expected departure date (even if moving to another university) and submit new packet to HR.
  • File a Federal and State tax return for income earned during your last partial year at UWM or in the U.S.

I am leaving the country before my last check will be paid. What do I do?

  • Keep your bank account open until your final paycheck has been deposited. UW System cannot deposit or transfer funds into international bank accounts. A United States bank account is required for timely payment.
  • Update your UWM Portal with your international address and contact information. The service center may need to mail your final check to you at your international address.
  • If you are only in the country for a short period of time and have no United States bank account, notify your international administrator of your early departure. The service center may be able to issue an early check dated for your last day in the U.S.

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