With internationally-focused academic, research and outreach programs, UWM prepares students to meet the challenges and embrace the opportunities they will encounter in today’s interdependent world, while expanding the university’s knowledge base through international partnerships.

By the numbers
Over 1000 international students from 80 countries
Over 150 visiting scholars from 50 countries
Over 600 students studying abroad annually
Courses in over 20 world languages
Interdisciplinary degrees and certificates serving students in all schools and colleges
International Affairs programs reaching over 10,000 people each year

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International Learning

Why Study at UWM?
UWM offers exceptional learning opportunities and advising support for international and internationally-minded students in Wisconsin’s business and cultural center.

About Milwaukee

The state’s economic and cultural capital provides research, career, recreational and motivational opportunities for all and is located on Lake Michigan, the world’s 5th largest lake. More »