Green Bay Buoy

Latitude:              44.8 (44°48’0″ N)
Longitude:         -87.76 (87°45’36″ W)


NDBC Station 45014


The Green Bay buoy (GB17) is located approximately 40km northeast of the mouth of the Fox River in southern Green Bay. The solar powered CB-1500 coastal data buoy is secured by a two-point mooring system over a mud substrate in approximately 14 meters (45.9 feet) of water.  The buoy is equipped with a weather station, a downward facing acoustic doppler current profiler (ADCP), a vertical string of water temperature sensors, water quality sensors at both 1m and ~13.5m levels, and a surface camera which collects snapshot images every 10 minutes.


Meteorological data collected include wind speed and direction, air temperature, relative humidity, pressure, and solar irradiance.  Hydrological data include surface temperature, conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, chlorophyll, water temperature at 1m intervals down to 13m, and easterly and northerly current speed/direction at 1m intervals down to 10m. In addition to surface water quality measurements, this buoy was fitted with a benthic sonde prior to the 2019 field season, which measures temperature, live depth, conductivity, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen at approximately 13.5m. This data is available upon request.


Surface water oxygen sensor data combined with meteorological data from this buoy are producing the first continuous estimates of oxygen exchange across the air-water interface, water column gross primary production (GPP), and net ecosystem production (NEP) in Green Bay.  These data are contributing to a larger effort to understand the drivers of hypoxic and anoxic conditions in the bay.  In addition to support from GLOS, this work is conducted in collaboration with the Fox-Wolf Watershed AllianceUniversity of Wisconsin- Green Bay and NEW Water.