Explore Our Great Lakes Monitoring Archive

Our archive offers detailed environmental monitoring data, essential for understanding the historical dynamics of lake conditions. Explore datasets capturing water quality and weather patterns, indispensable for research and analysis.

Access is straightforward: historical monitoring data is available for download in .csv file format, with accompanying field and data notes in .txt format when available. Each dataset has been carefully recorded and preserved, ensuring you have the information you need for detailed analysis and reporting.

Atwater 20-meter Buoy
Green Bay Buoy
Lake Express
YearStudy FocusMetadata Details
2022Air and Water QualityMetadata
2021Air and Water QualityMetadata
2019Air and Water QualityMetadata
2018Air and Water QualityMetadata
2017Air and Water QualityMetadata
2016Air and Water QualityMetadata
2015Air and Water QualityMetadata
2014Air and Water QualityMetadata
2013Air and Water QualityMetadata
2012Air and Water QualityMetadata
2011Air and Water QualityMetadata
2010Air and Water QualityMetadata
2009Air and Water QualityMetadata
2008Air and Water QualityMetadata
2007Air and Water QualityMetadata
Sleeping Bear Dunes Station
Data CategoryMetadata Details
Time-lapse VideoMetadata
Water ChemistryMetadata
Sonde DataMetadata
Round Goby AbundanceMetadata
Current DataMetadata
Mussel LengthMetadata
Quagga MusselsMetadata
Stable IsotopesMetadata
Benthic InvertebratesMetadata
Reef Bottom SurveyMetadata
Mussel Length vs WeightMetadata
Fluorometer DataMetadata
Secchi DataMetadata
PAR DataMetadata
Sleeping Bear Dunes Buoy
YearData TypeMetadata Details
2023Combined DataMetadata
2022Combined DataMetadata
2021Combined DataMetadata
2020Combined DataMetadata
2019Combined DataMetadata
2018Combined DataMetadata
2017Combined DataMetadata
Apostle Islands
Data CategoryMetadata Details
Water ChemistryMetadata
Sonde DataMetadata
Current DataMetadata
Stable IsotopesMetadata
Benthic InvertebratesMetadata
Light/Temperature DataMetadata
Fluorometer DataMetadata
Temperature StringMetadata
Secchi DataMetadata
Atwater 10-meter Buoy (Retired)

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For inquiries or assistance with data usage, reach out to Jessie Grow at jgrow@uwm.edu or Harvey Bootsma at hbootsma@uwm.edu.