Atwater 20-meter Buoy

Latitude:              43.1 (43°6’0″ N)
Longitude:          -87.85 (87°51’0″ W)


NDBC Station 45013


The Atwater 20-meter buoy (ATW20) is located approximately 2 km offshore of Milwaukee’s Atwater Beach in Lake Michigan. A two-point mooring system secures the buoy over sand and rock substrate in 20 m of water. The CB-1500 coastal data buoy is equipped with a solar-powered weather station and water quality sensors that collect data every 30 min, as well as a vertical string of temperature sensors, a downward-looking current profiler, and a cellular modem for real-time data communication.


Meteorological data collected include wind speed and direction, temperature, relative humidity, pressure, and solar irradiance.  Hydrological data include surface temperature, conductivity, pH, oxygen, photosynthetically active radiation, 20m temperature string, and acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP).  This buoy has also been used as a platform to deploy dissolved oxygen monitoring probes provided by the EPA Great Lakes National Program Office.