Urban Track

Students in the Urban Geography Track will specialize in Urban Geography. Urban geographers study the processes shaping cities, where the majority of the world’s people now live. Urban geographers examine how cities and towns have developed, why they are different over space and time, and how cities are changing today. Urban geography undergraduates often pursue work or graduate studies in urban planning, transportation, economic development, and urban community organizations.

Students enrolled in the Urban Track need to take the Geography core curriculum, plus the following:

  • Any two of the following urban geography courses, 6 credits:
    • Geog 430 – Geography of Transportation
    • Geog 441 – Geography of Cities and Metropolitan Areas
    • Geog 443 – Cities of the World: Comparative Urban Geography
    • Geog 540 – Globalization and the City
  • One of the following courses on urban environments, 3 credits:
    • Geog 464 – Environmental Problems
    • Geog 520 – Physical Geography of the City
    • Geog 564 – Urban Environmental Change and Social Justice