Alumni: Patrick Gaertner, BA ’84

Patrick Gaertner, BA ’84, is currently a principal consultant with the Lucidity Consulting Group, Dallas, but lives in Melbourne Beach, Florida. He provides consulting and implementation services for utility companies implementing Oracle WAM (Work and Asset Management) and Oracle MWM (Mobile Workforce Management) products.

After graduation, Pat worked briefly with Mark Hurd Aerial Surveys in Minneapolis, scribing digital terrain maps for the Department of Defense. After about a year, he moved back to Milwaukee and began his career working within the GIS industry and utility companies. For the next 13 years, Pat worked primarily as Consultant and Project Manager implementing Intergraph FRAMME projects.

In 1998, Pat moved away from working with the primary mapping applications to work with OMS (Outage Management Systems) and Mobile Workforce applications. With the advance in digital technologies, computerized customer records and streamlining work applications for field crews, it was an easy move into implementing new solutions for utility operations. Pat’s work has been dedicated to this field since the late 1990’s.

In 2008, Pat moved from Wisconsin to Florida to work with GE as an OMS/DMS Commercial Manager to work with GE’s Smallworld PowerOn application and its move to Smart Grid technology. After two plus years with GE, Pat left and has since gone back to working with Oracle products and applications.

When he isn’t on a plane traveling to customer locations, Pat enjoys personal traveling, promoting and supporting local eco-tourism activities, surfing, and an occasional round of golf. His work has taken him to Nepal, Australia, Brazil, Scotland, Costa Rica, Jamaica and various other countries. Over the next few years, he plans to increase his activities in supporting eco-tourism activities locally and internationally in the Americas.