Anne Bonds co-authors publication in the journal Progress in Human Geography

Bonds, Anne and Josh Inwood. 2016. Beyond White Privilege: Geographies of White Supremacy and Settler Colonialism. Progress in Human Geography. Published on-line ahead of print.

Abstract: This paper builds from scholarship on whiteness and white privilege to argue for an expanded focus that includes settler colonialism and white supremacy. We argue that engaging with white supremacy and settler colonialism reveals the enduring social, economic, and political impacts of white supremacy as a materially grounded set of practices. We situate white supremacy not as an artifact of history or as an extreme position, but rather as the foundation for the continuous unfolding of practices of race and racism within settler states. We illustrate this framework through a recent example of a land dispute in the American West.

Josh and Anne Bonds also published a short research brief in Racism Review. The research brief is entitled “White Supremacy and Property Rights: Tamir Rice and the Oregon Standoff.”