Theses and dissertations are typically available 6-9 months after their defense.


Austin Harris, Ph.D.
“An Agent-Based Exploration of the Hurricane Forecast-Evacuation System”

Victoria Lang
“Do State Fairs with Firework Displays Impact PM2.5 Levels in Nearby Communities?”

Kevin Prince, Ph.D.
“Interactions Between Tropical Cyclones and the Midlatitude Waveguide: Downstream Impacts and the Role of Convective Processes”

Tim Thielke, Ph.D.
“A Protocol to Build Trust with Black Box Models”


Dillon Blount
“Verification of Environmental-Regime–Stratified GFS Short-Range Vertical Sounding Forecasts”

Shayna Fever
“Investigating the Potential of a Combined Air Quality-heat Index in Predicting Mortality”

Michelle Spencer
“The Influences of Sea-Surface Temperature Uncertainty on Cool-Season High-Shear, Low Cape Severe Weather Event Predictability in the Southeast United States”

Michael Vossen
“An Investigation into the Thermodynamics of Overland Tropical Cyclone Intensity Change in Weakly/Non-Baroclinic Environments”


James Ryan
“Biennial and Low-Frequency Components of El Niño/Southern Oscillation”

Teresa Turner
“Predicting Peak Wind Gusts During Specific Weather Types with the Meteorologically Stratified Gust Factor Model”

Andrew Westgate
“Multidecadal Climate Variability in Observed and Simulated Surface Air Temperature and Sea-Level Pressure”


Jesse Schaffer
“Using Evolutionary Programming to Generate a Tropical Cyclone Intensity Model”


Andrea Honor
“Using Self-Organizing Maps as a Forecasting Tool”

Aidan Kuroski
“An Investigation of the Conditional Practical Predictability of the 31 May 2013 Heavy-Rain-Producing Mesoscale Convective System”

David Nevius
“The Influence of Vertical Advection Discretization in WRF-ARW Model on Capping Inversion Representation in Warm-Season, Thunderstorm Supporting Environments”

Alex Oser
“Multidecadal Variability in Climate Models and Observations”

Kevin Prince
“A Climatology of Extreme South American Andean Cold Surges”

Cory Rothstein
“Developing a Probabilistic Heavy-Rainfall Guidance Forecast Model for Great Lakes Cities”

Tim Thielke
“Using Advanced Post-processing Methods with the HRRR-TLE to Improve the Prediction of Cold Season Precipitation Type”


Hillary (Lily) Chapman
“Performance Test of the Pasquill Stability Classification Scheme”

Caitlin Crossett
“An Examination of the Dynamics of a Rear-inflow Jet Associated with an Idealized Mesoscale Convective System”

Russell Danielson
“Downstream Predictability of the Path of Severe Wind Producing MCSs Using RUC Analysis Data”


Bryan Burlingame
“The Influence of PBL Parameterization on the Practical Predictability of Convection Initiation During the Mesoscale Predictability Experiment (MPEX)”

Brian Griffin, Ph.D.
“Improving the Subgrid-Scale Representation of Hydrometeors and Microphysical Feedback Effects Using a Multivariate Pdf”

Caleb Grunzke
“Predictability and Dynamics of Warm-Core Mesoscale Vortex Formation with the 8 May 2009 “Super Derecho” Event”

Austin Harris
“On Establishing a Climatology of Gust Factors and Assessing Their Ability to Forecast Wind Gusts in Milwaukee, WI”

Kaitlyn Heinlein
“Analysis of the Run-to-Run Variability Within the NAM forecasts for the Northeast U.S. Blizzard of 8-9 February 2013”

Alexandra Keclik
“The Influence of Assimilated Targeted Observations Upon Ensemble Forecasts of Convection Initiation”

Timm Uhlmann
“Inter-Decadal Shifts in Intense Extratropical Cyclones in the Northern Hemisphere”


Juliana Karloski
“Seasonal Influences Upon and Long-Term Trends in the Length of the Atlantic Hurricane Season”

Tyler Plamondon
“A Mechanistic Model of Multidecadal Climate Variability”

Noriyuki Sugiyama, Ph.D.
“The Great Lakes’ Regional Climate Regimes”

Justin Weber
“Using a Semiprognostic Test to Elucidate Key Model Errors of Warm Rain Processes Within a Unified Parameterization of Clouds and Turbulence”


Michael Madsen
“Multi-Periodic Climate Dynamics: Spectral Analysis of Instrumental, Short- and Long-length Proxy Temperature Records”

Alex Manion
“A Preliminary Evaluation of Advanced Dvorak Technique-derived Intensity Estimate Errors and Biases During the Extratropical Transition of Tropical Cyclones Using Synthetic Satellite Imagery”

Joshua Verbeten
“Northern Hemisphere Sea Level Pressure Synchronization and Its Effect on Northern Hemisphere Temperature Variability”


Brock Burghardt
“Assessing the Predictability of Convection Initiation Using an Object-Based Approach”

Rolando Olivas Saunders, Ph.D.
“Improved Estimation of PM2.5 Using Lagrangian Satellite-Measured Aerosol Optical Depth”

Joseph Pehoski
“A Crowdsourced Hail Dataset: Potential, Biases, and Inaccuracies”