The Wisconsin Regional MATE Competition uses underwater robots, also known as remotely operated vehicles or ROVs, to teach science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and prepare students for technical careers. MATE International created the ROV competition as a way to:

  • Engage students in STEM and expose them to science and technology careers
  • Encourage students to develop and apply technical, teamwork and problem solving skills
  • Provide funds, materials and technical expertise to support student learning and provide industry with skilled individuals who can fill workforce needs

The MATE competition challenges K-12, community college and university students from all over the world to design and build ROVs to tackle missions modeled after scenarios from the ocean workplace. The competition’s class structure of beginner, intermediate, and advanced complements the education pipeline by providing students with the opportunity to build upon their skills, and the application of those skills, as they engineer increasingly more complex ROVs for increasingly more complex mission tasks.

At the Wisconsin competition, in addition to engineering their ROVs, middle and high school students are required to prepare technical reports, marketing displays and product presentations that are delivered to working professionals who serve as competition judges.

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