Samantha Krueger

Student Services and Language Revitalization Coordinator

Samantha Krueger  is a member of the Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin. She completed her B.A. in History and obtained a certificate in American Indian Studies at UW-Milwaukee in 2022.

During her time at UWM, Samantha has worked with both Anishinaabemowin and the Oneida language. She currently assists with the Oneida and Menominee language courses.

Samantha previously held many positions with Peter Quince Performing Company, a non profit theater organization run entirely by 12-23 year olds, located in Manitowoc, WI. Throughout her five seasons with the company, Samantha served on the executive board twice, once as Producer for the production of All Shook Up, and once as Co-Public Relations Director for the 54th season. As producer, Samantha chaired the company’s Pandemic Response Committee and the Playreading Committee, oversaw the Directing Staff, and was responsible for the licensing and contracts of the chosen show. As Co-Public Relations Director, she had the responsibility of managing the company’s social media accounts, the promotional material posted on those accounts, as well as the curation of shirts and posters from vendors. Samantha has also served on the Production Council for the 54th Season show, Big Fish as Co-Costume Designer, and for James and the Giant Peach as Assistant Costume Designer and Co-Hair and Makeup Designer for the 51st season.

Samantha previously worked as a Peer Mentor at UWM in the Student Success Center. As a Peer Mentor, Samantha worked with freshman students to help them in their transition from high school to college. This included providing them with resources both on and off campus to help support them, meeting face-to-face with students as needed, and checking in with them via call or text at least once a month.

Samantha assists with EQI's Oneida and Menominee Language Courses and manages social media.