Scholarship/award funds are available to communication majors and minors as well as non-majors. Application materials and guidelines are available in the sections listed below. For additional information, please contact the Department of Communication’s Awards and Recognition Committee via email, at

The scholarship process for all students and all scholarships begins with UWM’s Scholarship Portal. You will need to create a general profile and upload a copy of your most recent transcript. If you previously created a general profile and uploaded a transcript, you should update your profile with any new information and upload a newer version of your transcript that has your Fall 2019 grades on it.

Many scholarships require no additional application beyond this general scholarship application and uploaded transcript; students are automatically reviewed for these types of scholarships.
You may also see scholarships on your Scholarship Portal dashboard that you can “Apply To.” These are scholarships which do require additional information beyond the general application and uploaded transcript.
Descriptions for each scholarship can be found below.


Frank E. X. Dance Scholarship

John R. Johnson Scholarship

John Paul Jones Memorial Trust

Amelia Lucas Trust Fund

Graduate and Undergraduate

John Paul Jones Memorial Trust

Amelia Lucas Trust Fund


Renee A. Meyers Scholarship