Amelia Lucas Trust Fund

The general policy governing the distribution of The Amelia Lucas Trust Fund was established March 4, 1991, for the support of graduate and undergraduate students.

Awards may be given in support of student research at the discretion of the Departmental Trust Fund Committee; however, there is no presumption that any awards have to be given in a particular year or that the awards will be of any specific amount.

The awards are specifically intended to assist students who are participating in convention presentations of research; however, funds may also be used in support of an ongoing research project.

Awards will be distributed by the committee based on the level of student participation in the research and presentation, the quality of the research, and the expenses incurred by the student in doing or presenting the research.

To apply, a student must submit:

  • a letter of self-nomination
  • a supporting statement from a faculty sponsor
  • a draft of the paper to be presented or a detailed description of the research endeavor for which the student is seeking aid

Go to the UWM scholarship portal to start a profile and apply.

The application cycle for this scholarship generally occurs twice per year. Once in fall around October 1 and once in Spring around February 15.