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Careers in Communication

Students majoring in communication develop skills that make them strong candidates across a range of positions and career fields. Communication majors work in numerous positions including: sales representative, executive manager, personnel manager, public information officer, industrial and labor relations representative, project manager, negotiator, director of corporate communication, customer service representative, newsletter editor, communication trainer, human resources manager, buyer, and mediator among others. Communication majors are employed in advertising, public relations, education, government/politics, health careers, international relations and negotiations, law, social and human services, and technology industries.

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Communication Internships

Communication majors and minors can explore careers by participating in internships. Students can intern independently or earn 3 credits by taking COMMUN 698 (offered Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters). The Communication Internship class is designed to support student professional development while bridging class content with work experiences.

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