Major Requirements

Listed below are the requirements for the Communication major. In addition to the requirements for the major, students must also satisfy all of the university general education requirements and the College of Letters & Science breadth and other degree requirements. Degree requirements will vary depending on when you took your first college class. You are strongly advised to consult your advisor to ensure you stay on track towards a degree. Read more about the degree requirements on the L&S Degree Requirements web pages.


Total Communication Credits

36 credits

Required Courses (12 credits)
  • Commun 101 - Introduction to Interpersonal Communication, 3 credits
  • Commun 103 - Public Speaking, 3 credits
  • Commun 105 - Business and Professional Communication, 3 credits
  • Commun 335 - Critical Analysis of Communication, 3 credits
    Commun 370 - Quantitative Research in Communication, 3 credits
    Commun 372 - Qualitative Research Methods, 3 credits
Electives (24 credits)

The remaining 24 credits may be selected from across the communication curriculum. At least 18 of the 36 credits required for the major must be numbered 300 or above, 15 of these taken in residence at UWM.

A maximum of 6 credits earned in any combination of the following courses may count toward the minimum number of credits required for the major in communication
  • Commun 199 - Independent Study, 1-3 credits
  • Commun 288 - Research Practicum, 1-3 credits
  • Commun 296 - UROP Apprenticeship, 1-3 credits
  • Commun 298 - Internship in Communication, Lower Division, 1-3 credits
  • Commun 588 (599) - Research Practicum, 1-3 credits
  • Commun 597 - Practicum in Teaching Communication, 1-3 credits
  • Commun 698 - Internship in Communication, 3 credits
  • Commun 699 - Advanced Independent Reading, 1-3 credits
All majors must complete one of the following (satisfies the L&S research requirement)

The Department of Communication has structured Commun 335, 370, and 372 to satisfy the research requirement. In these courses, students must produce a written final research paper that involves conducting independent research in addition to evaluating research in the field and integrating it with their findings. Students will present their research in oral form to their course colleagues.

GPA Requirements

Graduation with a major or minor requires a cumulative GPA of at least 2.000 in all communication courses, including any transfer work. All courses in the major or minor must be taken for graded credit.