The Graduate Program in Communication at UWM encompasses advanced degrees, Master of Arts in Communication (MA) and Doctor of Philosophy in Communication (PhD), offered by the Department of Communication. Each graduate degree has its own unique programmatic content developed by department faculty and approved by UWM’s Graduate Faculty Committee (and when necessary other governance bodies, administrators, and/or the UW-System).

At the graduate level (MA, PhD), the Department of Communication’s curriculum consists of courses in Communication Theory and Research with emphasis on Rhetoric and/or Social Science.

Kathryn Olson

Admission to any graduate program at UWM begins with an application to the Graduate School. Students who have decided they want to be admitted to one of the Department of Communication’s graduate or certificate programs are strongly encouraged to access the Graduate School’s websites:

UWM Graduate School Information

Master of Arts in Communication

The Master of Arts in Communication is designed to provide breadth and depth of study in communication theory and research adopting rhetorical and/or social scientific approaches. The program provides initial and advanced preparation for a variety of careers including continued study leading to the PhD degree.”

Doctor of Philosophy in Communication

The Doctor of Philosophy in Communication provides study and training for entry into academic or professional careers that would necessitate theory-driven basic or applied research on communication practices and outcomes. The program’s thrust emphasizes studying communication theory and research from rhetorical and/or social scientific perspectives.

Graduate Program Director (MA and PhD), contact:

Sara VanderHaagen, Associate Professor                                              Graduate Program Director                                                                    Johnston Hall, Room 227
Department of Communication
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Graduate Certificate Programs

The Department of Communication also offers Graduate Certification in the areas listed below. Students interested in one of these programs are encouraged to contact the program directly or inquire with the Coordinator of Graduate Studies: