PhD Program

The Doctor of Philosophy in Communication provides study and training for entry into academic or professional careers that would necessitate theory-driven basic or applied research on communication practices and outcomes. The program’s thrust emphasizes studying the effects of professional communication practices on organizational goals and structure, the processes of interpersonal communication and conflict resolution, and the conduct of civic practice and public communication.

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Important Program Information

Important information for students interested in doctoral study can be found using the vertical navigation bar. Prospective students are particularly encouraged to consult the following menus:

Program of Study
A description of degree requirements and options available to students for tailoring their study program.
Admissions Procedure
A detailed list of materials students must submit in order to be considered for admission to the doctoral program.
Doctoral Student Profiles
All program students are invited to provide an overview of their work and accomplishments.
Doctoral Program Handbook
The student’s manual for all relevant program information and Program forms.

Thematic Course of Study in Communication

Once a student is admitted to this degree program, a faculty advisor will work with the student to identify areas of interest and develop a thematic course of study. A student need not choose a transcript-designated concentration to have an approved or appropriate thematic course of study in this degree; there are many options that can be formulated with one’s faculty advisor.

For Doctoral Program information, contact:

Sara VanderHaagen, Associate Professor
Graduate Program Director
Johnston Hall, Room 227
Department of Communication
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee