Frank E. X. Dance Scholarship

The Frank E. X. Dance Scholarship recognizes and supports undergraduate Communication majors who are completing scholarly research that enhances our understanding of the human communication process. To apply, a student must:

  • be a declared undergraduate Communication major at UWM with at least one full semester of coursework remaining before graduation
  • have completed a minimum of 70 college credits with at least of 20 credits in Communication
  • have completed, or be in the process of completing, an upper level (300 and above) communication research methods course
  • be actively engaged in communication research activities
  • go to the UWM scholarship portal to start a profile and apply for funding

Selection Criteria

Selection criteria for this scholarship are based upon:

  • overall grade point average in all coursework
  • GPA in the Communication major
  • evidence of research participation, including enrollment in Commun 288, 588, and papers submitted to undergraduate research and honors conferences
  • quality of the project as described in a written statement
  • applicant’s potential for benefiting academically from receiving the scholarship