2021 NCCLA Annual Conference (with links)

53rd Annual NCCLA Conference

April 18-19, 2021 (Fully Remote)

Racism, Pandemics, and Other Struggles for Latinx and Latin America

Conference Schedule

Please note that all scheduled times are Central Time.

(updated 4/15/21)

Sunday, April 18th  


Welcome and Introductory Remarks from the Presidents of the North Central Council of Latin Americanists

Elia Armacanqui-Tipacti (Emerita, UW-Stevens Point), Co- President
Pedro dos Santos (College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University), Co- President
Margaret Crosby (Alverno College), President Elect



Panel 1A         Human Rights in the Era of Covid – moderator Nina Ortiz (University of Minnesota Morris)

  • Megan Strom (University of Wisconsin La Crosse) Covid-19 in immigrant detention centers: Conflicting reports by ICE vs English- and Spanish language media
  • Robert G. Barnes (Virginia Tech) The Death of Vanessa Guillén in the Context of Latino Migration and COVID-19




Panel 1B         Historical and Current Complexities in Mexico and the U.S. – moderator Margaret Crosby (Alverno College)

  • Bill Katra (independent scholar) Mexico’s ‘Golden Age’: The First Thirty Years After the Conquest
  • Marta Martínez (independent scholar) C-Virus Days and Western Wisconsin’s Immigration Task Force
  • Ken Alexander and Melina Lozano (Madison College, Madison Metropolitan School District, Voces de la Frontera) The Unacceptable Mental Health and Educational Services for the Separated Migrant Children




Plenary on Teaching and Learning in Turbulent Times – moderator Roy Ketchum (CSBSJU)

  • Elia J. Armacanqui-Tipacti (University of Wisconsin Stevens Point) Covid-19 y la oportunidad de crecimiento intelectual en el Perú y el mundo
  • Bertha O Saavedra Silva (Universidad Nacional San Luis Gonzaga de Ica, UNICA) Virtual resilience for learning achievement in a pandemic context in multigrade educational institutions in a rural environment on the coast of Peru
  • Stacy Hoult-Saros (Valparaiso University) “Wake Up U.S. America!”: Teaching Latinx Poetry in Times of Crisis
  • Manuel Fernández (University of Wisconsin Eau Claire) and Miranda Fernández (Capella University) José Martí on Race and Immigration for the Spanish Language Classroom
  • Elena Sánchez Mora (CSBSJU) A study abroad approach to the October 2019-March 2020 “Estallido social” in Chile



4:00 – 5:30pm Keynote – moderator Pedro dos Santos (CSBSJU)

Afro-descendants, Crises, and Resistance in Latin America

Dr. Gladys Mitchell-Walthour (US Network for Democracy in Brazil and University of Wisconsin Milwaukee)



Monday, April 19th

8:30 – 10:00am

Panel 3A         Through the Lens of Literature, part 1 – moderator Elia Armacanqui (University of Wisconsin Stevens Point)

  • Christian Doig (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee) Las ilusiones del fracaso en “El profesor suplente” y “Una aventura nocturna” de Julio Ramón Ribeyro
  • Germán D. Carrillo (Marquette University) Juan Gabriel Vásquez: A propósito de Canciones para el incendio



8:30 – 10:00am

Panel 3B         Discrimination in the classroom: Latinx students’ academic struggles escalate during the pandemic – moderator Martina Talic (St John’s Prep)

  • Martina Talic, Ashlee Delre, Xinyi Jiang, Sophie Hwang, Margeaux Wenner, Valeriya Woodard, Layna Wilson-Sather, Sylvia Johnson, Cambel Shepherd (St John’s Prep) Discrimination in the classroom: Latinx students’ academic struggles escalate during the pandemic



10:15 – 11:45am

Panel 4A         Through the Lens of Literature, part 2 – moderator Eleonora Bertranou (CSBSJU)

  • Nancy Gates Madsen (Luther College) and Mackenzie Zenk (Luther College) Destabilizing the Binary Rhetoric of Migration in Yuri Herrera’s Señales que precederán el fin del mundo (Signs Preceding the End of the World)
  • César Ferreira (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee) Poder y verdad histórica en Tiempos recios de Mario Vargas Llosa
  • Gustavo C. Fares (Lawrence University) Borges, el primer Q



10:15 – 11:45am

Panel 4B         Migration in South America – moderator Kelly Bauer (Nebraska Wesleyan University)

  • Cristián Doña-Reveco (University of Nebraska Omaha) Attitudes toward Venezuelan immigration in four Receiving Countries. A Comparative Analysis.
  • Willow Fortunoff (Macalester College) The Power to Define a People: Race in Argentine Immigration Discourse
  • Megan Sheehan (CSBSJU) Marking Time: Memory and Transnational Affect among Venezuelan Migrants in Chile



1:00 – 2:30pm

Panel 5A         Political Changes and Resistance – moderator Colin Hannigan (CSBSJU)

  • Paul Dosh (Macalester College) Tactical Adaptation from the Left: How Pink Tide Presidents Stall Movement Innovation
  • Kelly Bauer (Nebraska Wesleyan University) Elite rhetoric about reserved seats for Indigenous communities in Chile’s Constitutional Convention



1:00 – 2:30pm

Panel 5B         Migration, Borders, and National Identity – moderator Brian Larkin (CSBSJU)

  • Maxwell Kivi (University of Minnesota Morris) Closing America’s Gates: A History of the U.S.-Mexican Border
  • Kent Weber (Dartmouth College) Circulating Nation, Race, and Health in Empire: Chinese Exclusion in Cuba and Hawai‘i
  • Benjamin Narvaez (University of Minnesota Morris) Constructing Costa Rican Whiteness: Chinese Exclusion and National Identity Formation



2:45 – 4:15pm

Panel 6A         Land, Extraction, and Indigenous Rights – moderator Corey Shouse (CSBSJU)

  • Yennesit Palacios Valencia, Heryi Carolina Garzón Rivera, and Naybet Yepes Zapata (Semillero de Investigación en Derechos Humanos, Género y Multiculturalismo, en el Grupo de Investigación Jurídico Social) Mineria ilegal y degredacion ambiental: Un estudio en defensa del territorio etnico ancestral desde la sentencia T-622/2016 de la Corte Constitucional
  • Wei Fen Rachel Tan (Macalester College) Sin territorio no hay indígena: Conflicting Territorial Discourses within Peru’s Amazonian Indigenous Movement



2:45 – 4:15pm

Panel 6B         News from the Grassroots: Favela Residents in Rio de Janeiro and RioOnWatch – moderator Mariano Magalhaes (Augustana College)

  • Mariano Magalhaes (Augustana College) Introduction to News from the Grassroots: Favela Residents in Rio de Janeiro and RioOnWatch
  • Michelle Martinez (Augustana College) Housing
  • Giselle Barajas (Augustana College) Education
  • Rylie Schurter (Augustana College) Health
  • Taylor VanLanduyt (Augustana College) Health



4:30 – 6:00pm

Panel 7A         Regional Responses to Covid – moderator Margaret Crosby (Alverno College)

  • Elena M. De Costa, PhD (Carroll University) Cuba’s Medical Internationalism: Responding to a Global Pandemic in an Island Nation and Beyond
  • Samuel Armcanqui Use of Ancestral Natural Components and Procedures to prevent worsening of Covid-19 when used at early stages



4:30 – 6:00pm

Panel 7B         Current Affairs in Brazil – moderator Pedro dos Santos (CSBSJU)

  • Noemi Salas-Rivera, Belen Dominguez, Brigid Smith, Brianna Kreft, and Lizbet Martinez-Port (CSBSJU) Dilma Rousseff and the Gendered Double Bind in Brazil
  • Samuel Zaratim (Secretaria Municipal de Educação de Goiânia-Goiás/Brazil) A inclusão digital e os educandos da EJA em tempos de pandemia no Brasil
  • Samuel Zaratim (Secretaria Municipal de Educação de Goiânia-Goiás/Brazil) Formas de Expressões culturais no Brasil e a pandemia: o caso das quadrilhas juninas



7:00 – 8:30pm Plenary on Art and Activism – moderator Bruce Campbell (CSBSJU)

  • Julia Clark, Ashley Ortizcazarín, and Morgan Gerhardt (CSBSJU) Human Rights and Respect for All People: A Student Mural Project
  • Muha Bazila (University of Brasilia) A conversation About Art and Race
  • Ashley Toledano-Solis (CSBSJU) Latinx Students Respond to George Floyd and BLM