If you do not plan on getting a driver’s license, it is recommended that you get a Wisconsin State ID.

Wisconsin State ID

  • Can be used as identification instead of carrying your passport.
  • For those of legal age, it can be used to buy tobacco (21) and alcohol (21).
  • Can be used to enter age-restricted locations such as bars and dance clubs.
  • Can be used to obtain a Milwaukee Public Library Card.
  • A Wisconsin State ID can be obtained at any Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) location.
  • More information including cost can be found at: Wisconsin DMV Official Government Site – Obtaining an identification (ID) card

Wisconsin Driver’s License

  • A driver’s license is considered official ID and can be used for all the reasons above, so if you plan on getting it, the state ID is not necessary.
  • Typically your home country’s driving permit can be used for one year from entry; however, you will need to check with the DMV to ensure your license is accepted.
  • A written test and possibly a road test are required.
  • If under 21 a Probationary License will be issued.
  • For more information, including cost, go to Wisconsin DMV Official Government Site – Application for a driver license

Here’s an example of what your WI Diver’s License will look like: