Digital transformation is not just about technology. It is about the ability of organizations to use technology to transform their processes in innovative ways. The problem for organizations is to understand the wide variety of complex technologies available, identify opportunities, and capitalize on them while avoiding costly disruptions.

One way to accelerate this process is to bring together diverse resources from inside and outside the organization working together to identify and evaluate potential innovations. The Center for Technology Innovation (CTI) at the Lubar College of Business fosters a community of faculty, business leaders, and students to explore the opportunities offered by innovative technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data. The goals of the Center are to generate high-quality research publications, produce impactful business applications, serve as a clearing house for local organizations, and promote interest in relevant topics among a diverse body of UWM students.

Dr. Scott Schanke
Director, Center for Technology Innovation
Assistant Professor, Information Technology Management
Lubar Hall N369

The Center will foster a collaborative research environment for cutting-edge work in the field of Analytics. In partnership with local industry leaders, the Center will help define research problems in specific focus areas and leverage the expertise of the Lubar College faculty in innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Internet of Things to deliver effective business solutions and promote high-quality research publications. The Center will serve as a knowledge resource for local companies and work to raise awareness of innovative technologies and applications among a diverse and talented student body.

Applied Research Projects
CTI faculty supervise industry-sponsored research projects and deliver effective business solutions.

Annual Symposium
CTI hosts an annual Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Analytics each spring. Experts from academia and industry are invited to present their ideas on current trends, best practices, and challenges in the analytics field.

2024: Bridging Realities: AI in Enhancing Human Experience
View the recording here.

Intro to LLMs, and How to Harness Their Power
Prasad Chalasani, Founder and Lead Architect, Langroid

Leveraging AI for Business and Society

Ravi Bapna, Curtis L. Carlson Chair Professor in Business Analytics and Information Systems
Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

Workshop Series
The Center hosts workshops by nationally-known speakers on cutting-edge topics in Analytics, AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Microservices, and Containers.

Executive Training
The Center designs and deliver high-quality customized programs for local companies in areas such as AI, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, and ERP.

• Business Intelligence
• Online Advertising
• Enterprise Resource Planning
• Mobile Computing
• Social Media Analytics
• Risk Assessment & Analytics
• Fraud Detection
• Healthcare Informatics
• Cybersecurity

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