Gain your ERP credentials from the Lubar College of Business – home to one of only five SAP University Competence Centers in the world. The Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Resource Planning will provide you with SAP-focused ERP expertise to successfully pursue or advance your career in this high-demand field and to become an SAP Certified Application Associate. 

This 15-credit certificate can be completed as a stand-alone certificate or in combination with a Lubar master’s degree program.

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The Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) will provide you with the ability to:

  • Understand ERP concepts
  • Develop mobile ERP applications
  • Conduct business cycles using an ERP simulation game
  • Learn how to model, design, integrate, and implement business processes using ERP
  • Demonstrate the ability to configure ERP processes and workflows in SAP
  • Develop reporting and business intelligence solutions in SAP

Additional highlights include:

  • Knowledge about SAP in the cloud via UWM’s state-of-the-art hardware that delivers hosting services in a cloud-like environment to over 200 SAP University Alliance Schools.
  • Faculty with extensive SAP teaching experience at one of only five SAP University Competence Centers in the world.
  • SAP Certified Application Associate preparation.

Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Resource Planning (15 credits)

Select five courses from the following:
BUS ADM 781 Enabling Supply Chains Using SAP
BUS ADM 811 Process and Work-Flow Management
BUS ADM 816 Business Intelligence Technologies & Solutions
BUS ADM 818 Information Systems Practicum (ERP project only)*
BUS ADM 819 Information Technology Management Internship (ERP placement only)*
BUS MGMT 732 Enterprise Resource Planning
BUS MGMT 733 Enterprise Simulation Game
BUS MGMT 734 Enterprise Resource Planning Certification

*Students may only take either BUS ADM 818 or BUS ADM 819, not both.

Additional ERP certificate requirements as well as course descriptions can be found on the Graduate School website.

To be considered for admission, you must have completed a bachelor’s degree with an overall GPA of 2.75 or better. This certificate may be completed alone or in combination with the Lubar College’s MS in Management-Information Technology Management degree program.

To apply, complete the online application. Please also send your official transcript (from highest degree earned) to the Graduate School, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, P.O. Box 340, Milwaukee, WI 53201.

For Online MBA students or students completing Online Certificates only, tuition is $800/credit or a total of $12,000 to complete the certificate. All other students are subject to UWM’s tuition and fee schedule. This does not include the cost of textbooks and other miscellaneous expenses.

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