Degree Requirements

The following degree requirements will take effect for new students beginning in Fall 2022. Intended Atmospheric Science majors who have not yet reached the core curriculum by Fall 2022 may also elect to follow these requirements. Please contact the Program Chair with any questions.

Atmospheric Science (BS) Major Requirements

In addition to the major-specific requirements listed below, students must also complete UWM’s General Education Requirements. Atmospheric Science majors fulfill the Quantitative Literacy and Natural Sciences distribution requirements as part of the major.

General Requirements

Students must complete at least 15 upper-division (numbered 300 and above) credits in the major in residence at UWM. Students must attain at least a 2.0 GPA on all credits in the major attempted at UWM. In addition, students must attain a 2.0 GPA on all major credits attempted, including any transfer work.

Elective Concentrations

We offer nearly 50 electives from across the atmospheric and related sciences that allow students to customize their major! Students may pick and choose electives from our full list or may elect to complete concentrations of elective courses tailored to climate and environmental science, weather forecasting, broadcast meteorology, or foundations in the atmospheric sciences.

The following courses are required for the Atmospheric Science major:

Preparatory Curriculum1

MATH 231 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I 4
MATH 232 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II 4
MATH 233 Calculus and Analytic Geometry III 4
MATH 234 or
MATH 240
Linear Algebra and Differential Equations or Matrices and Applications 3-4
CHEM 102 General Chemistry 5
Physics I (Calculus Treatment)
and Lab Physics I (Calculus Treatment)
PHYSICS 210 Physics II (Calculus Treatment) 4
COMPSCI 202 Introductory Programming Using Python 3
Total Credits 32-33

Core Curriculum

ATM SCI 101 Introductory Atmospheric Science Seminar 1
ATM SCI 240 Introduction to Meteorology 4
ATM SCI 250 Introduction to Climate Science 4
ATM SCI 330 Air-Pollution Meteorology 3
ATM SCI 350 Atmospheric Thermodynamics 3
ATM SCI 351 Dynamic Meteorology I 3
ATM SCI 352 Dynamic Meteorology II 3
ATM SCI 360 Synoptic Meteorology I 4
ATM SCI 361 Synoptic Meteorology II 4
ATM SCI 464 Physical Meteorology: Cloud Physics 3
ATM SCI 511 Seminar in Atmospheric Radiation and Remote Sensing 3
MATH 320 Introduction to Differential Equations 3
Total Credits 38

Select at least 15 credits from the following list, or pick from one of our elective concentrations.

ATM SCI 460 Mesoscale Circulations
ATM SCI 470 Tropical Meteorology
ATM SCI 480 The General Circulation and Climate Dynamics
ATM SCI 497 Study Abroad:
ATM SCI 500 Statistical Methods in Atmospheric Sciences
ATM SCI 505 Micrometeorology
ATM SCI 600 Data Analytics
ATM SCI 690 Seminar in Atmospheric Sciences:
ATM SCI 695 Internship in Atmospheric Sciences, Upper Division
CES 210 Introduction to Conservation and Environmental Science
CES 515 Environmental Law for Natural Resource Managers
CIV ENG 311 Introduction to Energy, Environment, and Sustainability
CIV ENG 412 Applied Hydrology
ECON 328 Environmental Economics
ECON 525 The Economics of Water
FRSHWTR 391 Water and Natural Resource Economics
FRSHWTR 392 Water-Energy-Food-Climate
FRSHWTR 393 Water Law, Policy, and the Environment
FRSHWTR 461 Politics and Policy of Sustainability
FRSHWTR 510 Economics, Policy, and Management of Water
FRSHWTR 583 Cost-Benefit Analysis for Environmental Resource Decisions
GEOG 215 Introduction to Geographic Information Science
GEOG 306 Natural Hazards
GEOG 310 General Climatology
GEOG 325 Introduction to Data Science with R, Python, and GIS
GEOG 350 Conservation of Natural Resources
GEOG 403 Remote Sensing: Environmental and Land Use Analysis
GEOG 415 Hydrogeography
GEOG 450 Climates of the Past and Climate Change
GEOG 464 Environmental Problems
GEOG 515 Watershed Analysis and Modeling
GEOG 525 Geographic Information Science
GEOG 625 Intermediate Geographic Information Science
GEO SCI 400 Water Quality
GEO SCI 463 Physical Hydrogeology
GEO SCI 562 Environmental Surface Hydrology
GEO SCI 563 Field Methods in Hydrogeology
JAMS 101 Introduction to Mass Media
JAMS 201 Media Writing
JAMS 204 News Writing and Technology
JAMS 302 Video Storytelling
JAMS 325 Audio Storytelling
JAMS 342 Television News Reporting
MATH 321 Vector Analysis
MATH 322 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
MECH ENG 301 Basic Engineering Thermodynamics
MTHSTAT 361 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics I
MTHSTAT 362 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics II
POL SCI 216 Environmental Politics
Total Credits 15