MS Program

Applicants must meet UWM Graduate School requirements to be considered for admission to the program. Entering graduate students should have a general background in both mathematics and physics; given the intrinsic multi-disciplinary nature of the atmospheric sciences, no specific undergraduate course work is required. However, applicants should have an adequate mathematical background that includes calculus, ordinary differential equations, and, as applicable, vector analysis, partial differential equations, and linear algebra. Students lacking this background may be admitted provided that the deficiencies amount to no more than two courses. Deficiencies must be made up within three enrolled semesters of graduate study.

The minimum degree requirement is 30 graduate credits, 12 of which must be in the Atm Sci 7xx sequence, 6 of which will be approved graduate elective credits, and 6 of which will be from either of the Atm Sci 500/950 or Math 601/602 sequences. Students must have a major professor to supervise the student’s studies and direct the student in completing thesis research. An acceptable thesis will represent an original contribution to knowledge in the atmospheric sciences. Students who choose the thesis option must enroll in Atm Sci 990 for the final 6 credits of the required 30 credit total. Successful oral defense of the thesis upon its completion is required for graduation.

Graduate Grievance Procedures

Federal law and UWM policy require programs and departments to have procedures for graduate students to appeal academic decisions such as grades or scholastic standing. These procedures ensure the protection of students’ rights. These pages serve as a reference on procedures for graduate student academic appeals.