Below are several notetaker resources for best practices in notetaking, including links to request notetaking assignments and upload your notes, as well as a link to the Student Service Record Program.

Recording and Scanning Your Notes

If you’d like to use Microsoft OneNote to take notes, here are OneNote Tutorials and Video Training to get you started.

To convert handwritten notes to an electronic format, use free mobile apps like Adobe Scan and Microsoft Office Lens.  Both of these apps have received high ratings from users and are available on Android and iOS devices.

Use flatbed scanners to convert handwritten notes to an electronic format for upload to ARConnect.  Flatbed scanners are located at the Milwaukee campus Golda Meir Library WB10 and in the libraries at Washington County and Waukesha campus.

Request a Notetaking Assignment

A tip sheet is available that explains how to “Request a Notetaking Assignment.”

Student Service Record Program

Notetakers are encouraged to track volunteer service in a university-supported format (Student Service Record Program) and receive a certificate to be used alongside your academic transcript and resume, which looks great to potential employers. 

Tips for Good Notetaking

View “Tips for Good Notetaking.”

Upload Notes

Notes must be uploaded through ARConnect in an electronic format (e.g. Word doc or PDF) within 24 hours of the completion of a class.