Matthew Keracher

PhD Student

I am a PhD student and TA at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. My MA and MRes were in social anthropology at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. My PhD will be in cultural anthropology.

My interest is in digital making, or making things with code. My fieldwork is in Fjaler, western Norway, where I am conducting ethnographic fieldwork in a small village. From January 2023, I will be there for eighteen months conducting participant-observation, semi-structured interviews, and learning how to code, knit, and farm.

My MA (2012-16) thesis was sociolinguistic, and based on nine months participant observation with roleplaying groups in Aberdeen averaging 16 hours a week. My MRes thesis (2017-19) was library-based, and concerned gameful governmentality in Pókemon Go.

In Milwaukee, I am a part of a cohort of  interdisciplinary games scholars called serious_play. We have a Twitch channel. Last year, as part of my role as outreach officer, I co-organised a live streamed colloquium on the theme of playful mediation with the Game Worlds Cluster at the University of Edinburgh, as well as a seminar with on board games as media with Dr. Paul Booth.

signal/whatsapp: +447730465288