Most workshops range from 30 minutes to 2 hours, but we always prefer too much rather than too little time.

We offer workshops on a variety of levels, from introductory to advanced, on multiple topics not limited to those listed below. We are also happy to tailor a workshop to the specific needs of your classroom or organization.  Workshops include lecture-style presentation, interactive activities, and question & answer periods.

Many of these workshops are part of the University 101 workshop series. The divisions of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, in conjunction with the ACN, have compiled a list of classroom presentations regarding campus resources, student academic development and student personal development entitled the University 101 Menu.

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  • Please, a minimum of 2 weeks advance notice is required.
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For more University 101 Workshops, please go here:

Intro to the LGBT Resource Center

5-15 minute presentation (tailored to fit request)
Our mission is to increase the awareness, education, and presence of LGBTQ+ topics and concerns on the UWM campus and to provide a resource for students and campus community members wanting to learn about and advocate for LGBTQ+ inclusion. To this end we provide student-inspired programming, education, outreach and social groups in an attempt to create an inclusive and welcoming campus environment for all students, staff and faculty members. This presentation will give an overview of the services that the LGBT Resource Center provides. We will share information about upcoming social and educational forums, activities, programs and events sponsored by the LGBT Resource Center. We will also discuss various ways students can become involved with activities and outreach initiatives conducted by the LGBT Resource Center.

Safe Space Training (LGBT 101 and Ally Development)

1.5 – 3 hours
The Safe Space program was initiated to create a more inclusive campus environment that appreciates and celebrates the diverse student population that attends UWM. This interactive training is provided to staff, faculty and students across campus so they are aware of and attentive to the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender students and their allies. Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment for all people at UWM so they can feel included as well as invited to share in the totality of their identities. This training will address information about language and terms, specific challenges LGBTQ+ students face, guidelines for referrals in counseling and harassment reporting, and resources available on and off campus. The training will be interactive and all participants will receive a training resource manual.

Ally Bystander Intervention Training

2 -2.5 hours
The Ally Bystander training is designed to inform participants about how to be an effective ally and ways to disrupt and reduce prejudice and discrimination against LGBTQ+ people and others. Topics and activities include: review of terminology and safe space creation, social identity exploration, what it means to be an ally, how to identify oppressive behavior/discrimination, active listening, bystander intervention steps and safety, and practice scenarios.The training is open to all members of the community (regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity) and LGBTQ+ allyhood is explored within a broad social justice framework. By participating in this workshop, you will be joining a support network of LGBTQ+ allies across campus, and your actions will help promote an environment where there is always somebody to “step up.”

Privilege 101

1 – 1.5 hours
Participants in the Privilege 101 workshop able to think critically about intersectionality, privilege, and systems of power, feel confident with using specific strategies for supporting LGBTQ+ people through empathetic and non-violent communication, be able to articulate best practices for creating safe spaces.

Trans 101

1.5 – 2 hours
The Trans 101 training will provide faculty, staff, and students with information and tools to work with transgender people including a review of the differences between sex, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation, the gender and sex binary, social constructions of gender, an overview of trans identities, current issues facing trans communities, and effective ally behaviors.