Dear UWM Students and Community,

We would like to express our deep sadness and feelings of sympathy for the French people after the attacks in Paris on Friday and offer our solidarity with the people of France, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia and Syria, all so profoundly wounded by the terrorist attacks of recent months.

At this time especially, our thoughts go out to the students from these countries that we have been privileged to have in our program, and to our current and former UWM students in France, to whom we offer, along with UWM’s Center for International Education and the Alliance française de Milwaukee, our support.


UWM French Program

Studying French

French is spoken today by more than 200 million people on all 5 continents the world. It’s an official language of many African and European countries, as well as France, and of several Caribbean islands. Canada is officially bilingual. Numerous Latin American and Asian countries also have historical and cultural ties with France.

When you study French, you open lines of communication with many cultures and millions of people for whom French is a first or second language; you get direct access to a variety of creative and scientific works, and you develop the interpersonal skills you need to pursue a rewarding international career.