Masters Program

MALLT Graduate Program

MALLT focuses on language, literature, and translation as areas of academic investigation broader than national and linguistic borders, and encourages the study of language and literature on a cross-cultural basis as an integrated field of inquiry.

The standard 30-credit program, which you design in consultation with your Major Professor, includes:

Interdisciplinary Core Seminars

Two interdisciplinary Core Seminars (6 cr) providing a theoretical and methodological background for more intensive study in your chosen area of concentration. Two to three seminars are offered each semester.

Areas of Concentration

Five to Eight courses in an Area of Concentration (15-24 cr)

Courses in Related Fields

Up to three courses in Related Academic Fields (9 cr) of your choice that are outside of your concentration and consonant with your professional goals.

For example:

  • Second Language Acquisition Theory
  • Global Language Pedagogy
  • Language and/or Literature
  • Comparative Literature
  • History, Art History, Women’s Studies, Liberal Studies, or related field
  • Information Studies

You may also choose to take some or all of these 9 credits in your concentration.