Q: How often are MALLT core seminars offered? What are the topics?
A: MALLT schedules at least two core seminars per semester. Several of them are team-taught by two professors from different departments. You would choose the seminars that best correspond to your interests in the areas of language, literature, linguistics and translation. For a description of the seminars, please go to: Graduate School Bulletin and select “Courses”.

Q: Can I study abroad and, if so, will the courses count?
A: If they have not done so already, MALLT students are encouraged to study abroad with the consent of their advisor. In order to receive credit, such courses must be approved in advance of travel.

Q: What types of financial assistance are available to MALLT students?
A: Financial aid is available to graduate students in the form of Teaching Assistantships, a limited number of Graduate School Fellowships, AOP Fellowships, and Non-Resident Tuition Remission. Student loans and work-study opportunities are also available. For information on Fellowships and Teaching Assistantships, go to https://uwm.edu/graduateschool/financing-your-education/. For loans and work-study opportunities, go to https://uwm.edu/financialaid/. If you wish to be considered for a Teaching Assistantship, please see the application procedures outlined on the Funding/Teaching Assistantships page of the MALLT web site:https://uwm.edu/language-literature-translation/graduate-program/funding/teaching-assistantships/.

Q: Do I need to complete a Plan of Study?
A: Yes, all students are required to meet with their Major Professor and complete a Plan of Study during their first semester in the program. The Plan of Study will be submitted to the MALLT office and reviewed by the MALLT Coordinating Committee.

Q: Can I make changes to my Plan of Study after it has been approved?
A: Yes, subsequent changes in the Plan of Study are possible. Please meet with your Major Professor at the start of each semester to discuss any revisions to your Plan of Study.

Q: Can I write a thesis?
A: You may elect to write a thesis, but it is not required. A maximum of 6 credits of the total 30-credit program may be earned by writing a thesis. These credits cannot serve to replace core seminars. Presentation of a satisfactory thesis cannot substitute for the MALLT comprehensive examination requirement, which the Graduate School requires of all MALLT degree candidates. For more information about writing a thesis please see MALLT Thesis Guidelines section in the MALLT student handbook.

Q: What are the comprehensive exams?
A: When nearing completion of 30 credits of course work, you must take a written and oral Comprehensive Examination. These examinations are based on the coursework taken, and on the reading list for the specific concentration within MALLT. These examinations are normally scheduled during the last four weeks of regular sessions or the last two weeks of summer sessions. For additional information about exam requirements, please see the MALLT student handbook.

Q: Will my MALLT concentration be listed on my diploma?
A: Concentrations are not listed on your diploma. Your diploma will read “Master of Arts in Language, Literature, and Translation”. Concentrations will appear on your official degree transcript.

Q: What if I need to postpone my graduation after I have already applied to graduate?
A: If you have applied to graduate in a past semester and postponed your graduation, you will need to RE-APPLY for graduation when you wish the Graduate School to review your records again in the future. You will NOT be billed another $40 processing fee.

Q: How long do I have to complete my degree?
A: The Graduate School requires that students complete all degree requirements within five years from the semester of initial enrollment. Under special circumstances, it is possible to request an exception to this regulation.