Graduate Advisor

  • Upon admission to graduate studies in MALLT you will meet with the Graduate Advisor in your primary area of study. S/he will assist you in assessing your competencies, interests and future academic or professional needs, and in establishing a preliminary plan of study.
  • The Graduate Advisor recommends a Major Professor for you and forwards that person’s name to the MALLT Coordinating Committee.
  • The Major Professor assists you in defining a plan of study and reviews the Reading List in your concentration. S/he will submit your plan of study to the Coordinating Committee for review and approval no later than the end of your first semester of graduate work in the MALLT program.
  • After you have satisfactorily completed 12 credits, you will review the plan of study and the Reading List with your Major Professor, at which time you may request changes in your plan of study consonant with your academic interests. Your Major Professor, together with the other faculty members working with you, will try in all cases to provide a program reflecting your individual preferences, competencies and future professional needs.
  • You will consult with your Major Professor prior to your last semester of study to prepare your Comprehensive Examination.