Thesis Option & Exam

MALLT Thesis Option

  • Not required for MALLT degree, but recommended for students intending to pursue a doctoral degree; does not replace Comprehensive Examinations.
  • Timing: Propose a thesis topic, in consultation with your Major Professor, after 9-15 credit hours of courses, but before your general Plan of Study is reviewed and finalized.
  • Credits: Maximum 6 credits. A 3-cr thesis replaces one course; a 6-cr thesis, 2 courses (one in your concentration, one “related”). Core Seminars cannot be replaced.
  • MA/MLIS degree program: Thesis credits are in addition to the 21 required MALLT credits.

Thesis Option Process

  • Consult with your Major Professor.
  • Develop a Thesis Proposal, including methodology and bibliography.
  • Your Major Professor forwards the Thesis Proposal to the MALLT Coordinating Committee and recommends a Thesis Committee: A Thesis Director and two readers.
  • MALLT Coordinating Committee approves Thesis Proposal.
  • Upon completion, defend your thesis before Thesis Committee.
  • Submit formatted thesis to UWM Libraries.

Comprehensive Examinations

  • Written and oral Comprehensive Examination required of all MALLT students.
  • Taken during your last semester of coursework, during the last four weeks of regular sessions or, exceptionally, the last two weeks of summer session.
  • Comparative Literature students must demonstrate a reading knowledge of a second global language (in addition to one required for all MALLT students) prior to taking their Comprehensive Examinations. Reading knowledge may be demonstrated by coursework in the specific global language program or by written examination, to be determined with the Major Professor.
  • Timing and Process
    • Consult with your Major Professor before your last semester of study to discuss the examination and the Examining Committee, instructors appointed on the basis of their expertise in the area(s) of your program.
    • Your major professor must submit a recommendation for an Examining Committee and date to the MALLT Coordinating Committee no later than February 15 for Spring exams and October 1 for Fall exams.
  • The comprehensive exam is based on
    • The approved MALLT concentration reading list
    • Coursework
  • Comprehensive Exam Components and Formats (pdf)