MALLT/MLIS Degree Program

In cooperation with the College of Community Engagement & Professions, the MALLT program offers the Master of Arts in Language, Literature, and Translation/Master of Library and Information Science (MA/MLIS) coordinated degree program to prepare students for specialized positions in a variety of libraries, as curators of special subject collections or other research entities, as well as for other language-services industry opportunities. Students enrolled in the coordinated program concurrently pursue MALLT and MLIS degrees, and will be expected to fulfill the degree requirements of both programs.

Nine of the 30 credits normally required for a MALLT degree will be satisfied by courses taken in the College of Community Engagement & Professions. Courses in related areas must be approved by the MALLT Coordinator. Prerequisite to the award of either degree in this program is the simultaneous award of its counterpart degree. For additional information about the coordinated degree program visit the College of Community Engagement & Professions program web page.

MALLT students in the MALLT/MLIS coordinated degree program may be eligible to apply for MLIS scholarships. Please contact the College of Community Engagement & Professions, or call (414) 229-4707 for further information.