William Keith

 (414) 229-5828
 Curtin Hall 592


PhD, Speech Communication (University of Texas-Austin; 1986)
MA, Applied Philosophy (Bowling Green State University; 1982)
BA, Philosophy (Bowling Green State University; 1980)
William Keith CV


My current research focuses on the role of rhetoric and communication in public deliberation, with a focus on the intellectual and pedagogical history of the speech communication field.

Courses Taught:

Commun 103: Public Speaking
Commun 435: Classical Rhetoric
Commun 762: Argumentation in Theory and Practice
Commun 862: Public Deliberation
Commun 900: Philosophy and Practice of Communication
English 750: Classical Rhetoric

Selective Publications:

Keith, William M. “Creating Citizens Through Communication: Education and Deliberation in Government Accountability.” Public Opinion and Accountability: From Inertia to Public Action Ed. Odugbemi, Sina, and Lee, Taeku. The World Bank, (2011): 215-233.
Keith, William M. “Façonnant une Public Deliberant: Les “Forums” comme le Education Civique dans les Etats-Unis.” La démocratie participative: Histoire et généalogie La Decouverte, (2011): 210-227.
Keith, William M. “A New Golden Age: Intercollegiate Debate in the 21st Century.” Navigating Opportunity Ed. Louden, Alan. IDebate Press, (2010): 11-27.
Keith, William M., and Beard, David. “Toulmin’s Rhetorical Logic: What’s the Warrant for Warrants?.” Philosophy and Rhetoric 41. (2008): 22-50.
Keith, William M. “On the Origins of Speech as a Discipline: James A. Winans and Public Speaking as Practical Democracy.” Rhetoric Society Quarterly 38. (2008): 1-19.
Keith, William M. Democracy as Discussion: The American Forum Movement and Adult Civic Education.. Lexington Books/Rowman and Littlefield, 2007.
Keith, William M., and Rehg, William. “Argumentation in Science and Technology Studies.” The Science Studies Handbook 1st Edition. Ed. Hackett, Edward, Amsterdamska, Olga, Lynch, Michael, and Wajcman, Judy. MIT Press, (2007).