International experience is highly valued in our global economy. Students who study abroad succeed!

  • Study abroad students have higher graduation rates and significantly higher rates for graduating in 4 years (;
  • 97% of study abroad students found a job within 12 months of graduation (compared to the rest of the student body with only 49%) (
  • Study abroad students have 25% higher starting salaries (
  • 90% of study abroad alumni were accepted into 1st or 2nd choice graduate school (

Studying Abroad at UWM is an opportunity to take your education anywhere in the world, experiencing life-changing moments, learning about new cultures, and furthering your academic studies. Through the Center for International Education (CIE) Study Abroad Office you have access to over 170 different program options – or you can pick your own path.


UWM’s approach to education abroad allows you to choose the program that works best for you, and can help to seamlessly connect your program to your academic pursuits here on campus.

Participating in a study abroad is an opportunity to travel in a way that you might not otherwise be able to after you graduate. The CIE Study Abroad Office works to ensure that programs are affordable, and you can work with the Office of Financial Aid to apply your aid toward the cost of your program.

Take a moment to explore more of the CIE Study Abroad website, and learn about the different program options and how to choose one that meets your needs and expectations. Then, submit your application, and get started on your way to an incredible adventure!