WRC Resources

Resources Available at the WRC

  • The WRC is an open, safe space where students can hang out, relax, study, and meet new people! 
  • We offer free safer sex supplies (condoms, dental dams, lube) and free menstrual hygiene products (pads, liners, tampons).
  • We have a Lending Library with over 1,000 books, DVDs, and resources from our campus and community partners.  
  • We partner with the UWM Food Center and Pantry and can help students access the Food Pantry during office hours. 
  • We also have access to the Lactation Room in the Student Union (WG23) for folks who are nursing/lactating. 
  • The WRC also connects students to on-campus and community resources, if needed. We also assist in supporting students who have experienced sexual violence. 

WRC Programs

  • The WRC coordinates large and small programs related to womenn’s empowerment, raising awareness about gender-based issuesfeminism and social justice, with the goal of establishing gender equity for all. We partner with many offices/centers and student orgs on campus well as with our community partners. 
    • Some of our large programs include: The Feminist Flea Market, The Black Feminist Symposium, Wellness Week, the Girls in Film Film Festival, and Take Back the Night (part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month). 
    • Some of our smaller programs include: Tea Timeand identity circles like Juntas, Sisters Like Me, I’m First, and the Graduate Student Coffee Hour. 
  • We also coordinate the Ambassador Program, which allows students to develop professional and leadership skills, connect with the WRC and other students on campus, and learn more about how to apply feminism to their everyday lives!