Lactation Rooms

Know Your Rights: Your Right to pump or breastfeed on campus

Title IX’s protection against discrimination based on sex covers nursing mothers. Because lactation is a condition related to your sex and pregnancy/parental status, you have rights.

UWM Lactation Rooms

For nursing mothers, lactation requires a clean and comfortable environment with privacy. The Women’s Resource Center provides a comfortable Lactation room in the UWM Student Union at all times during our hours.

It is located on the Ground level of the student union at Room WG26. In the room there is electrical outlets, lock from inside, comfortable chair and couches. Reservations are accepted and Walk-ins are welcome. Employees and students are encouraged to bring their own breast pump and plan to store their milk in a personal cooler.







UWM has established 10 rooms across all three campus locations designed for nursing mothers. Instructions on how to access these rooms vaires, so please read the room descriptions included for more information.