WGS Internship

WGS Internships

Interns with the WRC gives Women’s & Gender Studies students the opportunity to apply the concepts and theories learned in prior coursework to an actual work setting. Through the internship experience, students are able to earn academic credit while working for a local organization that combats social inequality and lifts up marginalized individuals and populations.The WRC does not currently offer paid internship positions


To enroll in WGS 489: Internship in Women & Gender Studies, students must have the following: 

  1. junior standing;  
  1. a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher; 
  1. completed WGS 200, 201, 500, or 501 

In addition to working as interns during the semester, students taking WGS 489 must do outside reading and complete a substantial research paper under the supervision of their WGS internship coordinator, who will help the student develop a reading list.  

Students are expected to work at their internship placement for 14 weeks, with the 15th week of the semester reserved for completing the final paper. Students may choose the number of credits they want to earn based on the number of hours they are able to commit to their internship placement. Students working 40 hours per semester (about 3 hours per week) will earn one academic credit.  Students who are able to commit 80 hours per semester to their internship (about 6 hours per week) will earn two academic credits. With a commitment of 120 hours per semester to their internship (about 9 hours per week), students will earn three academic credits. 

How to Apply: Please contact Melinda Brennan in the WGS Department at qbrennan@uwm.edu